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Lau-Tse: The Chinese Philosopher

Lau-Tse means “The Old Master”. Lau-Tse is the legendary Chinese philosopher who’s the founder of Taoism.

His Te-Tao Ching (The Way and it’s Virtue) is considered the highest of all that the human mind has produced and forms the essence of philosophy. His theory focus attention on the natural way of life and the individual.

Lau-Tse: The Company

The view from “The Old Master” is also marks the way we approach our ICT projects.

We also focus attention on the individual. In this case the customer. We are following the natural way by implementing practical solutions for your ICT challenges. These are being dealt with by the “Old Masters” of our ICT Knowledge Network.

Lau-Tse: The Approach


To come to a good definition of the assignment an intake will take place. In this intake the deliverables and timelines will be determined.


Subsequently a selection out of the Knowledge Network will be made. Professionals are screened on best fit for the assignment and availability. Based on the professionals selected and the determined assignment a quotation will be drawn up.


After the quotation is signed off the completion phase will be started. Following a detailed plan the professionals will finish their deliverables accordingly.


After completion of the assignment we will take care of a smooth transition to the current operation.